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Engine Bay



All kinds of engines... VW, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover

Polishing (Buffing),

Headlight Restoration and

Synthetic wax sealant


What We Do

We offer full auto detailing services

Wait ... what is auto detailing? it is the cleaning and restoration of car interior and exterior to exceed the original condition

Why Choose Us?

We have set the bar higher and reduced the time it takes for week-long tasks to only couple of hours

What Our Clients Say

Jamess Gatere
Good work, I was there yesterday & the work done was beyond my expectations especially interior upholstery. Keep up the good work guys. It's like magic happened & still is dry, no taking out the interior main carpet & seats.
M Kim Wandia
Hippo Auto Spa is the best. Had a spa day for my car and they transformed it from dirty and messy to squeaky clean. It's looking and feeling fresh and brand new. Thank you so much. Will definitely recommend to everyone!

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